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The -ologies, I love them. Entomology, ornithology, botany, dendrology, virology, ecology, microbiology. Technical illustrations can be used for posters, publications, textbooks, and more.


Showcasing a new medical device? A surgical technique? Have a condition and treatment you need your patients to understand? I work with surgeons, specialists and more to effectively demonstrate medical science with precision, accuracy and a keen sense of detail. Illustrations, animations, and 3D models integrated within illustrations.


Bridging the gap between technology and biology, engineers are welcome here! I work with tissue engineers to showcase their research and solve communication difficulties.

Award-Winning Visualizations

Shawna R Snyder

Shawna R Snyder

Project Manager

With a background in biology and medicine as well as traditional and digital art, I create biomedical art that improves health literacy and communicates medical science to a wide range of audiences. I’ve worked with tissue engineers, biologists, surgeons, and other medical professionals to create stunning illustrations, infographics, and animations. Currently based in Baltimore, MD, my 2D and 3D patient education animations fascilitate doctor-patient conversations and educate the public on key health topics.

James Gurney

There is no line between fine art and illustration; there is no high or low art; there is only art, and it comes in many forms


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