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Final Tradeshow Booth Mock-Up
Final Tradeshow Booth Mock-Up
Final Tradeshow Booth Mock-Up Oblique Angle
Tradeshow Booth Sketch
Tradeshow Booth Sketch
Main Panel Of Trade Show Booth Mock-Up
Main Panel: Trade show booth mock-up
Tradeshow Booth Final Mock-up Front
Final Tradeshow Booth Mock-Up Front


Media – Cinema 4D, Pixologic ZBrush, Adobe Photoshop, Watercolor Painting

Display – 10 ft x 35 ft tradeshow booth

Client – Juan Garcia, Art as Applied to Medicine. Secondary, New World Medical


The Ahmed drainage device has a specialized valve that instantly drains excess aqueous humor from the eye’s anterior chamber into the deep conjunctival space where it is reabsorbed. This conceptual trade show booth could be used at an ophthalmolgical convention to educate eye surgeons on the new device.

Surgical observation and sketching was crucial understanding the correct placement of the device in the eye. Photographs of the device and supplemental materials from New World Medical were used to create a digital 3D model of the device on the eye. These were then used to create the final artwork as seen in the above illustrations. The design echoes existing color choices and elements found on New World Medical’s website and marketing materials.

Award Winner

Won the Award of Excellence at the 2018 Association of Medical Illustrators Annual Conference

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