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Subclavian Steal Illustrated Plate
Subclavian Steal Illustrated Plate
Surgical Step Sketches
Line Drawing And Final Painted Artwork Of Surgical Step
Sketch Of Human Lower Neck Vasculature

SUBCLAVIAN STEAL: Carotid to Subclavian Bypass Surgery

Dr. Black M.D., Chief of Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Therapy, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Vascular Surgical Illustration

Professional & Academic Education



A congential defect closed the subclavian artery as it diverged from the common carotid. Exercise of the right arm caused retrograde flow from the vertebral and mammary arteries, leading to severe headaches. A Dacron graft was placed to allow normal blood flow into the subclavian artery.

A series of sketches were created in the OR to document this process. These were refined by reading vascular surgery textbooks, watching online surgical videos, and through conversations with the surgeon himself. Once the main steps were identified, detailed line drawings were created, painted, and arranged into a single poster. The work could be expanded by drawing and painting the other steps of the procedure.

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